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Gold Sensor Lives Under Skin for Months Measuring Drugs and Biomarkers

15 April 2021

Researchers at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in Germany have developed an implantable biosensor that can measure concentrations of various biomarkers and drugs in the body. Unlike many implantable devices, the sensor can reside in place under the skin for many months without being rejected by the body or losing its functionality. The system uses receptor-studded gold nanoparticles that change color when an analyte of interest binds to them. The researchers can detect this color change non-invasively from outside the body. The technique could lead to long-term biosensing technologies.

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Roche unveils EBV immunoassay panel to detect infection stages

13 April 2021

Roche has launched the Elecsys Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) panel, which consists of Elecsys EBV IgM, Elecsys EBV VCA IgG and Elecsys EBV EBNA IgG immunoassays, in countries accepting the CE Mark. The panel uses a single blood sample to identify antibodies specific to EBV at various stages of infection.

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