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Implantable device adheres to muscle, treats Atrophy

01 December 2022

Scientists at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard have developed a mechanically active gel-elastomer-nitinol tissue adhesive, otherwise known as MAGENTA. The implantable device functions as a soft robot, and it can be adhered to the outside of a muscle. When an electrical charge is applied to the device, a spring inside made from nitinol (a shape memory

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Robots are cleaning the ocean, but they need help!

29 November 2022

Robots are cleaning out the oceans. But as Eric Johansson discovers, while they’re making a small impact where they are operating, their real value comes from influencing politicians. Robots are cleaning our oceans, harbours and rivers. However, as COP26 draws closer, the innovators behind these nautical drones and trash interceptors say that no matter how much they clean, it’s only politicians who can make a real change.

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