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Robotic laser bone-cutting technology approved in Europe

25 February 2021

A laser beam removes the bone precisely in layers, leaving no residue.

AOT AG (AOT) has obtained CE Mark certification for the world’s first contact-free, robotic laser bone cutter. The patented CARLO system developed by the Swiss MedTech startup AOT cuts bones precisely and contact-free with a specialized laser using a robot. CARLO stands for Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome.

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Accessible 3D-printed medical diagnostic devices

23 February 2021

A recent study by a team of scientists at the University of Bristol describes a method for the rapid development of complex microfluidic devices made of polymers using 3D-printed interconnecting microchannel scaffolds and open-source resources developed by the team. Devices with intricate interlacing channels, the width of a human hair, that move minuscule amounts of liquids, and can be used to diagnose and treat complex diseases, can now be made using a cost-effective, quick, and reliable method.

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