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Organ-on-a-chip for personalised medicine

24 May 2022

Researchers at Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science developed an advanced organ-on-a-chip system that incorporates heart, bone, liver, and skin tissue in independent niches that are linked with simulated vascular flows. The system even includes immune cells that circulate within the simulated vasculature. The technology represents an advance in organ-on-a-chip systems as it allows scientists to study the effects of drugs or interventions on multiple organs simultaneously.

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Acutus Medical finished enrolling patients in Atrial Flutter study

19 May 2022

Acutus Medical has completed patient enrolment in the company’s AcQForce Flutter Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) clinical trial. The trial aims to assess the safety and efficacy of the AcQBlate FORCE sensing ablation catheter and system for treating right atrial typical flutter.

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