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Medtech and the Internet of Medical Things

21 October 2021

With the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market estimated to be worth $158.1 billion in 2022, how can medtech companies can get IoMT right from a business perspective and how they can use the opportunity to deliver more value to health care?

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EEG test for early Alzheimer’s diagnosis

19 October 2021

Researchers at the University of Bath in the UK have developed an EEG test for Alzheimer’s disease. The technique involves measuring brain waves using an EEG cap while a person watches a screen with a series of flashing images. Taking just two minutes, the test quantifies a person’s ability to differentiate between images based on whether they have seen one of them previously. Subtle changes in brainwaves tell the researchers when someone remembers an image. The test could enable early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, potentially allowing for early treatment and better outcomes.

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