16 Jul 2020 - 16 Jul 2020

SEMI Virtual Healthtech Summit
The unprecedented impact and scale of COVID-19 has pushed the healthcare and medical technology communities to new operational levels.

From technology industry leaders to agile start-ups, the global community has answered the call for introduction of innovative solutions with faster time-to-market and more rapid point-of-care testing. Microtechnology-enabled solutions, in particular, have been instrumental in the battle against COVID-19 – from wearable sensors to microfluidic technologies.

During the SEMI Virtual Healthtech Summit, industry experts will address the opportunities and challenges surrounding the near and long-term future of the healthcare industry and how it will be shaped by the newest generation of smart and sensor driven technologies that enable data-driven and technological powered diagnosis and care.

The program will also touch upon the importance of the global healthtech and microtechnology communities working together for greater pandemic preparedness, readiness and deployment in 2020 and beyond.

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