Advanced Human Imaging’s Derma AI gains CE mark approval

15 June 2021


Derma AI can group 588 skin conditions into 133 categories, including all types of skin cancer. Advanced Human Imaging (AHI) has obtained a CE mark in the EU for its Derma AI integrated with the DermaScan for the dermatology artificial intelligence (AI) component in CompleteScan.

Developed by Canadian company Triage Technologies, the Derma AI component (DermaScan AI) can precisely categorise skin conditions from a picture taken on a standard smartphone camera.

The Derma AI can group 588 common or rare skin conditions into 133 categories, which includes all types of skin cancer, by leveraging Triage’s dermatological AI database.

AHI signed a binding licencing and investment agreement with Triage to integrate Derma AI into AHI’s CompleteScan SaaS platform in April.

This deal provided AHI with a strategic equity stake in Triage and worldwide distribution rights to the combined device called DermaScan.

The device will aid dermatologists, doctors and nurses in obtaining a quick second opinion and improve detection of dermatologic conditions using a smartphone.

AHI CEO Vlado Bosanac said: “This clearance opens up the market significantly for AHI and Triage. The CE mark covers 27 countries in the EU.

“More importantly, it validates the AI-powered tool as a credible option and gives physicians and patients within the EU access to reliable information so they can make an informed decision.”

At present, Derma AI is already used by more than 20,000 doctors and dermatologists globally, however, the CE mark approval allows dermatologists in the EU to gain access to the Derma AI as a Class 1 medical device.

In a separate development, Avicenna.AI has gained a CE mark for its CINA ASPECTS AI tool for assessing the severity of stroke.

The automatic tool can process non-contrast computerised tomography (CT) scans and measure the ‘ASPECT’ score, helping radiologists within the presently used systems and workflows.

A topographic scoring system, Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) is utilised to measure the severity of a stroke from a brain CT scan.

ASPECTS divides the stroke-affected brain territory into ten areas and delivers a score ranging between zero and ten. Ten is considered normal while zero signifies extensive ischemic damage throughout the affected region.

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