Dental bone graft products announced

27 April 2023

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ZimVie (Nasdaq: ZIMV) recently launched two biomaterials that add to its dental bone grafts portfolio. The RegenerOss CC Allograft particulate naturally blends cortical and cancellous bone particles. It’s for use in filling bony voids in a variety of dental applications.

Meanwhile, ZimVie describes the RegenerOss bone graft plug as an easy-to-use grafting solution for filling extraction sockets and periodontal defects.

Both grafts are now available across North America.

The launches broaden ZimVie’s presence in the dental biomaterials market. In addition, they expand the company’s suite of bone graft offerings, which also include the Puros Allograft line. ZimVie will continue to feature the Puros Allograft particulate alongside the RegenerOss line of grafting solutions.

Dental bone graft procedures repair or reconstruct the jaw, providing a foundation for dental implant placement.

“We are continuing to innovate and build on the core strengths of our dental portfolio through next-generation premium implants and abutments, additional modules within our digital dentistry suite, and now an expanded solution set in biomaterials,” Indraneel Kanaglekar, SVP and president of ZimVie Dental, said in a news release. “Our RegenerOss solutions provide greater options to customers and patients, and nicely complement our existing offering of clinically successful bone grafts.”

More about the new ZimVie Dental products

The RegenerOss CC Allograft particulate combines cortical and cancellous bone particles naturally, providing a solution for filling bony voids in numerous dental applications. Sterilization and freeze-drying of the graft are accomplished through the Cancelle SP sterilization process, a proprietary technique employed for cleaning and preserving the graft.

According to ZimVie, the RegenerOss Bone Graft Plug offers a convenient grafting solution for addressing extraction sockets and periodontal defects, featuring a mix of 80% graft particulate and 20% Type I bovine collagen that conforms to the defect’s shape once hydrated.

RTI Surgical processes Puros Allograft and RegenerOss CC Allograft particulate, while Biomet 3i (ZimVie Dental), its affiliates, and authorized marketing partners market them. Biomet 3i (ZimVie Dental), its affiliates, and authorized marketing partners also market RegenerOss bone graft plug. RTI Surgical holds the registered trademark for Cancelle SP, and ZimVie owns the registered trademarks for Puros and RegenerOss.

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