Eko Health introduces next-generation digital stethoscope

20 July 2023


Digital health technology company Eko Health has introduced its next-generation digital stethoscope, the CORE 500. The new digital stethoscope, which helps improve diagnostic accuracy and provides early disease detection, recently secured 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Designed to serve as a critical patient assessment tool for healthcare professionals (HCPs), the stethoscope combines a three-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), a full-colour display, high-fidelity audio experience and artificial intelligence (AI) software.

It offers precise and instantaneous patient auscultation data to HCPs on a full-colour display, including ECG tracing and heart rate.

When supported by the company’s FDA-approved AI products, the stethoscope can detect abnormalities such as tachycardia, bradycardia and atrial fibrillation within seconds.

Compatible with the company’s SENSORA cardiac disease detection platform, the stethoscope is intended for use across clinical specialities, including virtual care, home care, emergency medicine, urgent care, primary care and structural heart.

SENSORA is an advanced applied machine-learning software, which more than doubles the detection sensitivity of cardiac murmurs indicating structural heart disease.

The stethoscope also integrates with Eko Live Stream for synchronous listening, which enables virtual teams to record, analyse and share auscultation data in real time from anywhere.

Featuring Eko’s new TrueSound audio innovation, the CORE 500 is equipped with up to 40x sound amplification, three audio filter modes and active noise cancellation.

TrueSound has in-ear speaker technology and provides reduced background noise and optimal sound filtering.

Eko Health co-founder and CEO Connor Landgraf said: “The CORE 500 represents a major leap forward in digital stethoscope technology.

“When paired with our powerful AI algorithms, it can help detect leading indicators of heart disease in seconds, greatly assisting healthcare professionals in identifying various cardiac conditions with increased accuracy and confidence.”

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