Insulin delivery system launched in Germany

31 August 2023

Insulet (Nasdaq:PODD) announced today that it commercially launched its Omnipod 5 automated insulin delivery system in Germany.

Acton, Massachusetts-based Insulet released the device for individuals aged two years and older with type 1 diabetes. Germany marks the third market for the latest-generation patch pump. The company launched Omnipod 5 in the U.S. in August 2022, then began its launch in the UK in June of this year. It received CE mark approval for children aged two and up in September 2022.

Omnipod 5 provides easier glucose management, with no multiple daily injections, no tubes and zero fingersticks. Paired with Dexcom’s G6 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, Omnipod 5 is the first tubeless, wearable, automated insulin delivery system. Insulet also has work underway to integrate the system with the Abbott FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM.

“We know people in Germany living with type 1 diabetes want the most advanced technology options for making diabetes management easier,” said Dr. Trang Ly, Insulet SVP and medical director. “With our impressive data showing improved clinical outcomes from users in the United States over the past year, we are confident in our ability to make a difference in Germany and additional markets in the near future.”

More about the Insulet Omnipod 5 and the German launch

Omnipod 5’s European approval marked the first fir a tubeless automated insulin delivery system that integrates with the Dexcom G6. It includes the tubeless pod, enhanced by SmartAdjust technology and a handheld controller with a SmartBolus calculator.

With CGM data, SmartAdjust predicts where glucose will be 60 minutes into the future. Omnipod 5 then increases, decreases, or pauses insulin delivery based on the user’s desired and customized glucose target.

The device also features the Omnipod 5 mobile app with the integrated SmartBolus calculator. Users can download the app onto a compatible smartphone or use the Omnipod 5 controller. The system — interoperable with G6 for automated insulin delivery — protects against high and low glucose levels.

Laura Mysliwietz, a 29-year-old medical technologist, expects an easier diabetes management process now that Omnipod 5 is available in her country.

“Before I transitioned to Omnipod last year, I was using a traditional insulin pump, but the tubing was always in my way,” she said. “Now, I sometimes forget that I have an insulin pump on my body. Being tubeless makes my life so much easier, and the addition of an automated insulin delivery system will give me even more freedom to manage my type 1 diabetes. I can’t wait to use Omnipod 5!”

With availability in Germany, Insulet said Omnipod 5 also received its medical aid numbers from the relevant authorities. That makes it reimbursable by health insurers.

The company aims to make Omnipod 5 available for all of its European customers by the end of 2024.

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