IT capabilities improvement by using Kyndryl and AWS

22 August 2023

IT, health care

IT infrastructure service provider, Kyndryl and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are teaming up to improve the growth of non-profit health system, Care New England’s clinical capabilities through data and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) migration to the cloud.

The collaboration will combine multiple Care New England EMR systems into one end-to-end-system run by Kyndryl Epic, allowing Care New England to leverage Kyndryl’s partnership with AWS.

Part of this partnership will see the entire IT and application section of Care New England shift to Kyndryl, which will give staff more time to focus on patient care and quicker access to records. It will also help reduce operational costs while simultaneously giving constant access to new cloud technologies and services.

Discussing the recent collaboration Michael Wagner, CEO at Care New England said: “Improving our technical posture is a key step to bringing us to a place of growth, and Kyndryl is the perfect partner to work with us on this journey.”

Following up on Wagner’s comments, Amy Salcido, President of Kyndryl US said: “Our teams have a deep understanding of Care New England’s biggest challenges and what’s required to overcome them.”

She added: “Because at the end of the day, the goal isn’t to solve a technical issue. We’re striving to transform how healthcare can be delivered, and IT is the vehicle to get there.”

Kyndryl will also assist Care New England in redirecting its resources to higher yield investments by removing redundant applications, technical debt and legacy systems which are steps that can slow the firm’s growth in the future.

In November 2022 the University Medical Center Mainz partnered with Kyndryl to renovate their IT systems which focused on optimising managed IT services, multi project IT management and redefining its IT organisation.

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