Labcorp’s OmniSeq selects GenomOncology Pathology for tumour treatment

25 January 2022

Labcorp’s OmniSeq has selected GenomOncology (GO) Pathology Workbench to support the analysis of a genomic and immune profiling test, OmniSeq INSIGHT, for solid tumours.

The test is designed to combine genomic and immune profiling to identify a patient’s tumour type and provide potential treatment or clinical trial options.

OmniSeq INSIGHT evaluates the full exonic coding region of 523 genes through next-generation sequencing. It examines mutations, copy number alterations and fusions/splice variants that include genes associated with homologous recombination repair deficiency (HRR/HRD), tumour mutational burden (TMB) and microsatellite instability (MSI).

The test also examines the expression of 64 immune genes in the tumour microenvironment as well as PD-L1 by immunohistochemistry (IHC).

The GO Pathology Workbench is an end-to-end solution that directly integrates with lab sequencers, interprets detected variants and suggests potential therapies or clinical trials for tumours.

GenomOncology product management director Matt Stachowiak said: “The adaptability and versatility of the GO Pathology Workbench enabled us to efficiently customise the workbench to accommodate the unique features of the OmniSeq INSIGHT test.

“By providing the knowledge and evidence needed for effective variant interpretation, GO Pathology Workbench provides a tool to support OmniSeq INSIGHT’s swift turnaround time.”

OmniSeq selected GO Pathology Workbench to streamline variant review, interpretation and case reporting.

Pathology Workbench displays the results in the OmniSeq INSIGHT test report.

OmniSeq laboratory director Shengle Zhang said: “Our partnership with GenomOncology has advanced our ability to efficiently classify variants, match therapies and identify trials located within 200 miles of the patient’s home.

“This highly customised laboratory information system supports OmniSeq’s competitive turnaround time of matched precision medicine options to ordering clinicians for their cancer patients.”

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