My first month at… Frencken Europe

06 March 2020


The “My first month at…” column will elaborate on the experiences of professionals who recently started their new job in the medical devices industry. This article is about the experiences of Henri Vogels, who recently started as Logistics Planner at Frencken Europe. If you want to know more about the company, Henri and his experiences working at Frencken Europe, then keep on reading.

  • What is the work you do here?

Frencken Europe hired me as Logistics Planner. As Logistics Planner I am responsible for planning, setting goals, directing and solving logistics problems. At Frencken Europe, I am involved with the customer and the production side, I act as the bridge between customers and the organisation.

  • Why is Frencken the perfect fit?

The organisation suits me perfectly. The people who work here are very nice, combined with my interests for the high-tech industry, it makes a perfect fit. We, as an organisation, have an excellent product — our product is a mass spectrometer— but the fellowship between colleagues is something I appreciate the most. It feels comfortable to work together at the company.

  • What is your first impression of the company?

Like I said before, everyone is taking care of each other. Besides that, I received a warm welcome from everyone in the organisation and everyone is ready to help someone out. Another thing that I really value is the fact that everyone gets the chance to develop themselves. Long story short, the working atmosphere is great.

  • What are your growth ambitions (if you have any at this moment)?

At the moment, I am getting used to making the system my own. Perhaps in the future, in 2-3 years, I can focus on my growth ambitions. The product category in which I would love to specialise myself is ‘New Products Introduction’(NPI) because, I would love to be involved with setting up new products. The ambition is there but first I have to get used to the system and the company. Then I can focus myself on career opportunities at Frencken Europe.

Thank you, Henri, for sharing your experiences during your first month at Frencken Europe. We wish you good luck and cannot wait to see what successes lie ahead of you. Do you have story to share with the Medical Devices community? Get in touch with us via! Read more blogs and interviews here.


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