My first month at… Ovizio

15 December 2020


The “My first month at…” column will elaborate on the experiences of professionals who recently started their new job in the Medical Devices industry. Today’s article is about the experiences of Willem Hoerée who recently started as Sales Manager Europe at Ovizio. Ovizio Imaging Systems further developed the DHM (Digital Holographic Microscopy) technology and matured it into commercial products, namely cell counting, and imaging solutions, based on quantitative microscopy for life sciences applications. The solutions of Ovizio provide automated and real-time monitoring of cell culture CQAs (such as cell viability and counts) using a proprietary label-free microscope technology, which also enables the measurement of less common attributes (e.g. cell morphology, infection kinetics, and others) across a variety of cell platforms. It allows scientists and operators the flexibility to continue with other tasks. Therefore, the mission of Ovizio sounds: “We are driven by making the complex simple and getting things done.”

If you are interested to know more about the company and Willem’s experiences of working at Ovizio, then keep on reading!


What is the work you do here?

As Sales Manager Europe, my main task is to sell our products to interested parties. This includes getting in contact with prospects, informing them about our product, offering tryouts, and selling the product in the end. In addition to this main task, I have a lot of responsibility and in the meantime, I carry out other projects for the company.


Why is this the perfect fit?

This job is the perfect match because I work a lot independently. I like to work by myself, but I also like to be around people. I have a lot of contact with colleagues in other departments and I work on projects with a team as well. Secondly, I enjoy being able to work with both sales and science in this job. I find sales an interesting and intriguing profession and have completed a scientific study. In this way, I combine my greatest passions in my work. Last but not least, I have a great team to work with and a very good employer, which ensures that I enjoy my work every day!


What is your first impression of the company?

My first impression was that I would not have enough experience for this job, but by throwing myself in the deep end and just go for it, I found out that I am good at what I do now! My first impression of this company was that it is a very interesting company, which works with unique technologies. Due to the unique technology of the company, I see a lot of growth opportunities for Ovizio.


What is your growth ambition (if you have this at the moment)?

This is a difficult question. Of course, I still have the ambition to grow. For now, I have a nice and well-fitting role, in which I can still learn and develop a lot for the coming years. I am therefore perfectly happy in this role for now. Of course, I will keep developing myself and who knows what the future holds.

Thank you, Willem for sharing your experiences during your first month at Ovizio. We wish you good luck and cannot wait to see what successes lie ahead of you. Do you have a story to share with the Medical Devices community? Get in touch with us via ! Read more blogs and interviews here.


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