Diabetes risk identified with fingernail biology device

13 July 2023

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A device that measures sugar levels stored in fingernails could be used to identify an individual’s risk of type 2 diabetes, according to studies published at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) annual meeting 2023, held from 23-26 June.

The Glyconics-DS device, developed by Glyconics, uses infrared beams to non-invasively assess glycated nail keratin. A cloud-based, predictive algorithm then transforms parameters into meaningful measurements.

The Norwich, UK-based company says it has shrunk spectroscopy technology, which usually requires laboratory settings, into a point-of-care, handheld device.

The lack of a needle for a blood fingerpick test also means there is no need for single-use plastics when using the device.

The company has successfully completed two clinical studies – one conducted in the UK (NCT05198895), and the other in Spain (NCT05476016) – investigating the accuracy of its device in identifying diabetes risk. The studies were controlled by measuring HbA1c – a glycaemia biomarker.

In a statement announcing the results of the studies, Glyconics said it is planning to conduct a pivotal, larger-scale study – ANODE03 – later in 2023, to help support future regulatory approval.

A model by GlobalData estimates that the diabetes device market will be worth $33bn by 2030.

“Developing non-invasive systems for population-level screening will be an important tool in changing the paradigm of screening by reducing current barriers and identifying people at risk early,” said Professor Xavier Cos, chairman of Primary Care Diabetes Europe (PCDE) and lead investigator of the study in Spain.

“Early detection and treatment, which are key to better long-term outcomes, require more attention: This exciting new approach will shape the pivotal role that primary care plays in the management of diabetes and its long-term outcomes.”

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