New launched compression system for diseases

19 April 2022


Koya Medical announced today that it commercially launched its Dayspring active compression system in the U.S.

Oakland, California-based Koya designed the wearable Dayspring compression system to treat lymphedema and venous diseases in the lower extremities. It features a soft, breathable mesh garment with Koya’s proprietary Flexframe — spring-like segments for delivering compression — technology.

The system also has a smart, rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled controller with a companion app for allowing users and clinicians to customise treatments and review treatment history.

According to a news release, Dayspring is the first non-pneumatic active dynamic compression treatment to garner FDA clearance. The design supports patient mobility so users can continue daily activities during treatment, unlike the pneumatic (air-based) compression pumps that require patients to remain stationary while the devices are plugged into an outlet.

Koya said Dayspring for the upper extremity has been commercially available since 2021. Its expansion into lower extremity care (available in both full and lower leg applications) allows the company to better support people with lymphedema and venous diseases.

“Daily essential movement helps promote healthy lymph fluid flow, which is important for managing lymphedema, venous insufficiency and other chronic edemas. We designed Dayspring active compression to help patients remain mobile, get the treatment they need instead of letting it get in the way,” Koya Medical founder and CEO Andy Doraiswamy said in the release. “We look forward to providing at-home active compression treatment options that allow natural leg movements to help reduce swelling and maintain limb volume for people living with lymphedema and venous insufficiency in their lower extremities.”

The company also announced that The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued three new billing codes for the Dayspring system. The codes became effective for provider billing on April 1, 2022.

“Securing codes from CMS is a significant step for advancing new treatment options for patients living with lymphedema and their caregivers and providers,” Koya VP of Strategic Market Access and Health Economics Kelly Petrucci said. “We appreciate the recognition of the new codes, and this significant milestone is critically important to help ensure patients have access to treatments like Dayspring.”

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