Robotic system for knee replacement announcement

04 October 2022

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Smith+Nephew (NYSE:SNN) today announced the first cases for revision knee replacement using the Cori surgical handheld robotics system.

Dr. Thorsten Seyler of Duke University performed the first cases on Aug. 17, 2022. Seyler used the combination of Smith+Nephew’s handheld Cori robotic technology with the Legion revision knee system. The system uses image-free smart mapping to eliminate the need for pre-operative CT/MRI scans. It also eliminates the potential for image distortion due to in situ components from the primary procedure.

London-based Smith+Nephew said in a news release that surgeons can build patient-specific 3D models of the joint. They can also register anatomy and bony defects after implant extraction. With the system, surgeons can intra-operatively gap balance in real-time, and accurately precision mill for final placement of components.

Smith+Nephew said it is the first orthopedics company to win FDA 510(k) clearance for a revision indication using a robot-assisted platform.

“The ability to visualise and create symmetric and balanced flexion and extension gaps with the CORI handheld robotic system has made one of the most challenging tasks in revision [total knee arthroplasty] an easier undertaking,” said Seyler. “I have never used more posterior stabilised over constrained bearings in a revision scenario. Additionally, the image-free system also allows for accurate mapping of bone defects after implant removal and enables surgeons to use a bone preserving approach to revision TKA.”

An all-encompassing handheld robotics platform

Smith+Nephew said surgeons can experience the versatility of one robotics platform with Cori. Its broad capabilities can address robotic-assisted total, partial and now revision knee arthroplasty. It also has capabilities for computer-guided total hip arthroplasty.

The company combined its Legion RK system with Oxinium technology to provide a comprehensive implant and technology portfolio.

“Being first to market with a revision indication for robotic-assisted knee replacement surgery is a significant milestone in orthopaedics,” said Randy Kilburn, Smith+Nephew EVP and GM, orthopaedic reconstruction. “Our ability to offer a robotic-assisted solution for partial, total, and now revision knee arthroplasty using a single platform is a true differentiator, especially when it potentially simplifies a complex procedure and maximises the system’s capabilities for surgeons to restore patient lives and live life unlimited.”

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