Senseonics, Companion Medical to integrate sensor glucose and insulin data

14 February 2020


Senseonics (NYSE:SENS) will integrate its Eversense continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system’s real-time glucose data with Companion Medical‘s InPen smart insulin delivery system.

The agreement between Senseonics and Companion, announced today, is slated to bring the technologies together to allow real-time glucose data to be continuously incorporated into the InPen insulin system.

This is designed to allow for more relevant insulin dosing information, which could lead to improved diabetes management decisions, according to a news release.

Eversense is a long-term, implantable CGM sensor that features a transmitter that sends discreet vibrations to alert users of low and high glucose levels. The system with the CGM mobile app can dose insulin based on system readings without the need for a confirmatory blood glucose finger stick measurement.

The device features a fluorescence-based sensor, a smart transmitter worn over the sensor for data communication and a mobile app to display glucose values, trends and alerts. The sensor is inserted subcutaneously in the upper arm by a physician and requires two calibrations per day.

InPen is a Bluetooth-enabled smart insulin pen designed to automatically track every dose along with an integrated diabetes management app with a dose calculator and insulin tracking that will now include Eversense CGM data.

In June 2019, Companion Medical announced deals to collaborate on insulin data integration with both Dexcom and Glooko, making this the third such deal the company agreed to in the past nine months.

“By partnering with Companion Medical, multiple daily injection patients using the InPen System will be able to take full advantage of the convenience of insightful and comprehensive insulin data integrated with their Eversense CGM data, giving them a more complete picture and meaningful information at their fingertips,” Senseonics president & CEO Tim Goodnow said in the news release.

“CGM has revolutionized glucose monitoring and InPen has revolutionized MDI therapy. Together this is going to be a new world for those of us who manage our diabetes with MDI. Combining these technologies is a real game-changer,” added Companion CEO Sean Saint. “We are excited about what our partnership with Senseonics will bring to those living with diabetes, their healthcare teams, payers and the smart pen category overall.

Published by on February 11, 2020
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