Vacancy Pre-clinical X-ray CT Specialist – Houten


28 Jul ’22: This company is a molecular imaging spin-off from the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. Today, the company is one of the global leaders in molecular imaging with the development of high-performance preclinical micro-PET, micro-SPECT, micro-CT, and Optical Tomography systems as well as human high-resolution SPECT. These imaging systems have received many international awards from the physics and molecular imaging community.


Currently, the imaging devices support the research of many hundreds of satisfied users worldwide at universities, CRO’s and pharmaceutical companies.

This company has a unique position in the fast-growing market of pre-clinical and clinical imaging systems with a full range of high-performance biomedical imaging functionalities. Combined with unprecedented proprietary technology this company is truly ‘providing small details for big discoveries’ in academic and pharmaceutical research. As a valued imaging technology provider, they collaborate with leading universities, hospitals, contract research organisations, and pharmaceutical companies across the globe. To facilitate further growth and product development at its’ headquarters in the Netherlands, this company is looking for a dedicated Specialist to assist. In this role, your main tasks include:

  • Working with a group of professionals to implement improvements for MILabs’ high-performance preclinical CT systems;
  • Through practical software and hardware development, you will assist imaging applications in Life Science.


As a CT specialist, you will contribute together with a team of experts to realise innovations of MILabs high-performance preclinical CT systems and support imaging applications in Life Science through hands-on software and hardware development. You have several years of experience with X-ray CT system development (hardware and software) and you are experienced in C++ programming.

  • You are familiar with CT image reconstruction algorithms and artifact reduction methods;
  • Preferably you have a Ph.D. in the field of X-ray CT imaging and physics/engineering background;
  • Experience in high-tech device manufacturing is preferred;
  • Excellent English language skills in speech and writing;
  • Team player with good social and communication skills.


If you are interested in this job, or in similar ones, please feel free to contact me directly.

Stijn Klokkemeijer
Associate | Medical Devices

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+31 6 82 06 83 61